Latest general election: Tories lose ‘central bid to beat Labour’ as police drop investigation into Deputy Leader Rayner | Political news

As we just reported, police have ended their investigation into Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner.

If you need a reminder, the issue centered on the house that Mrs. Rayner used as her main address a decade ago.

Mrs Rayner said it was a former council house she owned on Vicarage Road in Stockport, which she bought in 2007.

But she faced claims that she mainly lived at her then husband’s address in Lowndes Lane, just over a mile away.

The couple married in 2010 and have two children together.

Why were the claims important?

The claim that she lived mainly at her ex-husband’s home mattered because she was entitled to vote at the Vicarage Road address.

Election rules require voters to register at their permanent home address, and there are fines for providing false information when registering to vote.

Then there is the question of whether she paid the correct amount of tax on the sale of her house.

She sold the house on Vicarage Road in 2015 for £127,500, after buying it at a 25% discount through the “right-to-buy” scheme for £79,000 in 2007.

If this had been her main address, as she claims, she would not have had to pay capital gains tax on the £48,500 profit.

But if she had moved to Lowndes Lane, she would have had to pay.

Tax experts have said that if Ms Rayner owes tax, the amount could be around £1,500.

She had promised to resign if it turned out she had done something wrong.

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