Arewa journalists have lauded the N400m business support initiative of Governor Eno, and others

The AREWA Journalists Forum has commended the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Pastor Umo Eno, saying his policies on agriculture and human capital development are building the confidence of youths to return to agriculture and bridge the gap between food production capacity and consumption to help stabilize food prices. in the state.

The Forum noted that the recent empowerment of 800 youths with N400M by Governor Umo Eno would catalyze the growth and development of small and medium entrepreneurs and businesses in Akwa Ibom.

Chairman of the Forum, Hassan Galadima, who exposed the heads of the forum at a press conference in Uyo on Tuesday, said the group was able to arrive at this assessment after monitoring the development across the country over the past year.

“We are advocates of good governance and responsible leadership, and strive to keep leaders on their toes, by praising those who deserve to encourage others, and objectively criticizing those who fall below expectations to hold them upright leave.

“That is why we continue to monitor developments and highlight them wherever they occur, regardless of region or religion.

“Based on the reports of our members from all states in Nigeria, and other media practitioners, most of whom reside in the respective states, and the media reports we have followed over time, we are enthusiastic about the performance of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Pastor Umo Eno.

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“He has distinguished himself in leadership across all the criteria we used in the selection, including business and human capital development, agriculture, inclusivity in governance, education, care for the vulnerable and overall approach to governance.

“In all consequences, Governor Umo Eno has changed the narrative and provided a practical definition of democracy by bringing power to the people, seasoned with aggressive rural development.” said Galadima.

He described the N400M grant for business support to 800 youths as unprecedented in the region, adding that the N20 billion released so far for the payment of gratuities for both dead and living public servants was a clear testament to his desire to support household economies.

“He has provided 400 entrepreneurs in the state with 400 million Naira at 500 thousand Naira each and the program is still running. This is unprecedented in any part of Nigeria and we are proud to identify with the Governor of Akwa Ibom State.

“Governor Umo Eno has had a fantastic relationship with workers in the state and those who have retired. He has so far approved about 20 billion Naira for the payment of gratuity and other entitlements to pensioners, most of whom were primary school teachers, who have always been neglected. Those who are employed also receive their rights.

“Very importantly, Governor Umo Eno has given agriculture a place of honor in the quest for food supply and food security in the state. Work is underway on the Ibom Model Farms, a replica of the Songhai Farms with its success story in Port Novo, Benin Republic. Huge investments are being made in agriculture across the country.

“Therefore, at the Arewa Journalists Forum, we present Governor Umo Eno to the nation as a workable model, example and shining example of good leadership, a light that attracts good governance.

“We believe that his leadership is a worthy model for other leaders in the country to emulate, and we encourage them to do the same. We believe this will help galvanize other governors and leaders at different levels of leadership in the country.” The president emphasized.


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