DEI or die: Yale’s recruitment to molecular biology depends on ideological commitment

May 28, 2024

By Tim Worstall

If you want to become a molecular biologist at Yale, you better brush up on DEI.

This is not the idea that molecular biology might differ between races, ethnicities or as a result of equality. Rather, it is an ideological litmus test that anyone hoping to be hired – as a scientist – must pass.

As John Zeeman points out:

When hiring at Yale’s Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, faculty are told to “Put DEI at the center of every decision,”

This, as we can imagine, is not the way to hire good scientists. It is the way to enforce an ideology.

DEI, of course, stands for diversity, equality and inclusivity. These aren’t things that really have much relevance to the study of molecular biology – the differences between groups of people aren’t on that level at all.

But this is built in hiring practices. The The score sheet is here.

If you don’t have a strong commitment – ​​backed by observable action – to the current ideology, then you won’t get a job at this Ivy League college. This is not possible even in a research laboratory.

It’s not just that DEI is a bad ideology – which it is – it’s also that there shouldn’t be such ideological tests for getting hired by a university. Naturally, we want the best molecular biologists to focus on molecular biology. Not just those who bow to whatever the current fashionable thinking is. That is, this would be a bad idea even if the test were not adherence to a bad ideology, but a good one.

We can also go one step further. Decades ago it was pointed out that diversity actually means people with different thoughts, different ideas and different views. One of the reasons why college has become so bad these days is that no one bothers to think anymore – that’s not allowed; they all have to subscribe to the approved ideology, right?

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