Local linemen are helping to restore power in Greenfield

Three linemen from Sioux Center Municipal Utilities traveled to Greenfield, Iowa, to provide mutual aid in restoring power after the city was hit by a devastating tornado on Tuesday, May 21.

Troy Kunnari, Lorn Wielenga and Landon Slechta headed toward Greenfield in the Sioux Center digger before the sun rose Wednesday to help get power back on in the community of 2,050. They brought several wooden utility poles to replace those that were broken by the tornado.

When they arrived, they were joined by other crews to clear a path so they could install new utility poles for running power lines. They will continue to work with the community this week to restore power.

“So many have lost everything, and the community will need a long process to recover. As linemen, we have the opportunity to help accelerate the start of that process by restoring power to much of the city, installing poles, stringing wire and installing transformers,” Kunnari said. “It’s hard to see people losing loved ones and everything they own. However, we could see them smiling and thanking us several times for their help. Mutual aid is a great opportunity for communities to support each other in times of need.”

As a community-owned utility, Sioux Center has a mutual aid agreement with other municipal utilities across the state and country to assist them after natural disasters and other significant events.

“We are happy to help in these types of situations if we are able to do so. We know that in an emergency we would also seek the help of others. It’s good to be part of this municipal utility network,” said Murray Hulstein, Sioux Center Municipal Utilities Manager. “Thanks to Troy, Landon and Lorn for representing us in Greenfield. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the people out there affected by this storm.”

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