Could George RR Martin be unhappy with the adaptation of House of the Dragon?

Author George R. R. Martin recently posted on his website Not A Blog, expressing his disappointment with the way Hollywood approached adaptations of existing books and scripts. With the season 2 premiere of House of the Dragon just weeks away, fans have speculated that the post could be referring to it.

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George RR Martin’s writes about Hollywood adaptations


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Martin wrote a post titled “The Adaptation Tango,” which he began by discussing a joint event at which he and author Neil Gaiman appeared in New York City in 2022. At this event, he and Gaiman agreed that they disliked Hollywood’s tendency to change source material. for their adjustments.

Martin was at the event to promote his book The Rise of the Dragon: An Illustrated History of the Targaryen Dynasty, Volume One. Attendees received signed copies of the book and “Fire and Blood,” the source material for the TV series House of the Dragon.

He noted that very little has changed since 2022 and that things have likely even worsened. He said screenwriters and producers everywhere are eager to make their stories their own, regardless of whether they are written by renowned authors. The author wrote:

“That was all in 2022, but little has changed since then. If anything, things have gotten worse. Everywhere you look, there are more screenwriters and producers eager to “make” great stories their own. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the source material was written by Stan Lee, Charles Dickens, Ian Fleming, Roald Dahl, Ursula K. Le Guin, JRR Tolkien, Mark Twain, Raymond Chandler, Jane Austen, or… well, whoever. No matter how important a writer is, no matter how great the book, there always seems to be someone there who thinks he can do better, who would like to take the story and ‘improve’ it. “The book is the book, the movie is the movie,” they will tell you, as if saying something profound. They then make the story their own.

Although they never make it better. Nine hundred and ninety-nine times out of a thousand, they make it worse.”

Fan speculation about Martin’s message


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Fans on Twitter speculated that this could be a criticism of later seasons of Game of Thrones, which adapted the story of Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels without any source material, as the final books in his series had not yet been written. Showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss were criticized by critics and fans alike for their adaptation of recent seasons of Game of Thrones.

However, others speculated that Martin is referring to the upcoming House of the Dragon season. With the show’s next season just around the corner, many fans found the timing of the message suspicious, as they theorized that the author was unhappy with the changes made to his story.

However, Martin posted in December about how he had watched some episodes of Season 2 of House of the Dragon and was deeply affected by them. With news revealing that even more changes have been made, such as shortening the time of a major character, fans are speculating that Martin may be unhappy with how much the adaptation deviates from the source material.

While there is no clear reference or indication to this fact, many fans on Twitter have already begun to echo his sentiment by reposting the quote from his blog.

The author concluded his post by noting that one of the few cases where an adaptation was done well was FX’s Shogun series, based on James Clavell’s novel of the same name. The show has been compared to Game of Thrones for its tone and subject material, and Martin stated that he was pleased with the way it was brought to life.

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