Yankees fan favorite CC Sabathia has an unerring take on Angel Hernandez’s retirement

In 2018, Yankees starter CC Sabathia ran into umpire Angel Hernandez at the worst possible time, although as many MLB fans long ago realized, there is no good time to run into Angel Hernandez. Or at least not until Monday evening.

That’s when Hernandez announced his retirement from baseball and reached a settlement with the MLB, years after a failed discrimination lawsuit further tarnished his pockmarked record.

There were cheers from the galley as the news dropped, which also led to an all-time Sabathia clip being recirculated. Hernandez seemed to be off the goal line more often than on the ball, making him the focal point of every game he oversaw. Just a few weeks ago, he tried to take over Luis Gil’s start at Yankee Stadium, repeatedly warning the right back unnecessarily as he fell further and further out of rhythm. The 2018 postseason marked a particularly bad stretch for him; As ESPN noted in their career retrospective, Hernandez had three calls overturned in the first four innings of a playoff game that year.

After losing Game 4 of the 2018 ALDS, which led to the Yankees’ elimination at the hands of the Red Sox, Sabathia didn’t hold back and went as far as he could in admonishing Hernandez without becoming slanderous.

Wonder if he’s mellowed out about any of those shots in the intervening 5.5 years? Survey says: No.

It’s perfect because Hernandez is both a Looney Tune and someone who ends his career by disappearing into a colorful tunnel. Said very sarcastically, yes Certainly everyone, people.

Sabathia, who once famously told Astros outfielder Josh Reddick exactly where he could come out, isn’t known for twisting his words. He will defend his teammates to the end and stand up for them when they have been given an unfair opportunity to compete — a right he believed Hernandez infringed on in 2018.

When he tweets, he tweets with a purpose. Now, Hernandez’s career has been emphatically made a mark, and not a moment too soon for the gregarious Yankee, who certainly had plenty of teammates silently nodding in agreement when this message dropped.

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