NFT Workx launches .WRKX domain to combat counterfeits online

Digital marketplace NFT Workx has launched a new Web3 domain aimed at combating counterfeiting and strengthening consumer confidence in the authenticity of online goods.

In partnership with Unstoppable Domains, NFT Workx has launched the .WRKX top-level domain (TLD), creating a tokenized identity solution for Real World Assets (RWAs).

NFT Workx’s platform tokenizes millions of physical assets at the point of sale, providing customers with unique digital collectibles that serve as immutable receipts and proof of authenticity. This initiative addresses a key issue for brands by reducing counterfeit goods and fraud while increasing customer trust and loyalty.

The new .WRKX TLD enables identity authentication and purchase data traceability across several e-commerce platforms, including prominent names like Shopify and WooCommerce, and a mobile application. This digital identity solution is poised to eliminate counterfeiting and revolutionize the way consumers verify the authenticity of their online purchases.

Additionally, the tokenized identities facilitated by the .WRKX domain extend authentication capabilities from physical products to online personas, adding a new dimension to digital security and user engagement. NFT Workx users can interact seamlessly on Web3 through their Name.WRKX, creating secure digital communities and acting as ambassadors within the brand domain ecosystem.

Sandy Carter, COO of Unstoppable Domains, expressed optimism about the initiative, stating: “Tokenized identities will change the internet as we’ve always known it. By creating digital collectibles of products at the point of sale, NFT Workx provides a compelling demonstration of the ability of Web3 to reduce fraud, strengthen consumer protection, and navigate digital identity in a decentralized future.” Carter highlighted the simplicity and seamless value proposition of NFT Workx’s Web3 integration, which aims to onboard the first billion users.

Adam Lesse, CEO of NFT Workx, spoke about the strategic significance of the partnership with Unstoppable Domains. “Our new partnership is an important milestone in our mission to bring tokenized identities to the wider world. Tokenized IDs are crucial in reducing fraud, money laundering and corruption. Thanks to Unstoppable, we can now prevent the availability of domains associated with are with trademarks or public figures for unauthorized use,” Lesse noted. He added that the .WRKX TLD would significantly improve the user experience, strengthening NFT Workx’s brand and supporting its goal of reaching millions of users in the world. world of Web3.

NFT Workx and Unstoppable Domains also announced their commitment to apply for the .WRKX generic top-level domain (gTLD) from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This move reflects both companies’ commitment to further integrate digital collectibles into the standardized practices and governance of the Internet.

Through these improvements, NFT Workx will revolutionize e-commerce by tokenizing real-world assets and providing unique digital receipts as proof of purchase. This innovation not only strengthens the relationship between brands and consumers, but also facilitates new revenue streams and deeper engagement, especially among younger generations. The integration of token-gated discounts and customer loyalty incentives is another standout feature, demonstrating NFT Workx’s comprehensive approach to utilizing Web3 technologies.

As digital and physical worlds continue to converge, efforts like those of NFT Workx and Unstoppable Domains are critical to establishing trust and authenticity in online transactions. The introduction of the .WRKX TLD and associated tokenized identity solutions represents a crucial development in this ongoing evolution.

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