Cybersecurity Jobs Available Now: May 29, 2024

cyber security jobs may 2024

Cloud Security Engineer – Secret approval required

Zodiac sign West | USA | Remote – View task details

As a Cloud Security Engineer you develop, implement and maintain an ISSP A&A
capability that ensures and simultaneously ensures the security of all information technology assets
compliance with FISMA. Recognize, assess, and mitigate threats to FSIS’ cloud-based systems, ensuring security measures are commensurate with the threats identified.

CSIRT team leader

CAE | Canada | Onsite – View job details

As a CSIRT team leader, you will respond to critical security incidents and lead escalation teams to conclude with response, containment, and recovery. Create, maintain and promote a set of security operations playbooks. Perform triage, assess the extent of threats and escalate as necessary.

Cyber ​​Analyst, Digital Forensic Incident Response

Bij-Bay | Canada | Onsite – View job details

As a Cybersecurity Analyst focused on Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), you will participate in incident recovery activities as necessary (e.g., restoring data from backups, reprovisioning workstations and servers, rebuilding network infrastructure, etc.) . Develop and deliver recommendations to reduce the risk of future incidents for affected policyholders. Develop incident timelines and compromise theories, and identify root causes of incidents.

Cybersecurity architect

Isar Aviation | Germany | Onsite – View job details

As a Cybersecurity Architect, you lead the design and implementation of the security architecture for Isar Aerospace’s systems, networks and applications. Conduct security assessments and provide recommendations for improving the security posture of various technologies. Develop and maintain incident response plans to effectively address and mitigate security incidents.

Cybersecurity Engineer Cloud & Industrial AI

Siemens| Germany | Onsite – View job details

As a Cybersecurity Engineer Cloud & Industrial AI, you will combine the approaches of Product & Solution Security and IT Security to ensure a holistic cybersecurity approach for the company’s Software-as-a-Service focused products. Take the lead in the cybersecurity of AI products and actively contribute to the development of their security.

Cybersecurity penetration tester

Alpitronic | Italy | Onsite – View job details

As a Cybersecurity Penetration Tester, you will perform penetration tests on loaders, embedded controllers, and backend infrastructures using a variety of techniques such as brute force, code injection, and data malformation. Perform open ports and scanning of binary and FW images. Attack has implemented security measures to circumvent these (either via software or with HW techniques such as fault injection, glitches and side-channel attacks).

Cybersecurity SIEM Engineer

Cardinal Health | India | Onsite – View job details

As a Cybersecurity SIEM Engineer, you will develop content, onboard data and integrate systems with the company’s Security Information Event Management (SIEM), build a cloud-native infrastructure including Linux servers, containers and storage buckets, execute projects to improve cybersecurity -maturity of the company to improve organization.

Defensive security analyst

SpectreOps | USA | Hybrid – View job details

SpecterOps is seeking candidates to support security operations at a SpecterOps customer location and work directly with the customer’s personnel and systems. Candidates will independently support the client engineering, management, and monitoring of Security Operations Center (SOC) systems.

Gen AI security researcher

ActiveFence | Israel | Hybrid – View job details

As a Red Team Specialist focused on generative AI models, your responsibility will be to conduct simulated cyber attacks and penetration testing on the company’s generative AI systems, including but not limited to language models, image generation models and all related infrastructure. The goal is to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and provide actionable insights to strengthen companies’ AI models against potential threats.

Information systems security manager

US Department of the Treasury | USA | Onsite – View job details

As an Information Systems Security Manager, you will plan, develop and oversee critical IT programs for OCIO. Develop solutions to programmatic deficiencies to ultimately reduce quality issues and improve operations, increase risk visibility, and/or reduce compliance workload. Conduct system security evaluations, audits and assessments; participate in network and system design to ensure implementation of appropriate system security policies.

Lead OT Cybersecurity Engineer

Air Products | USA | Hybrid – View job details

As a Lead OT Cybersecurity Engineer, you will assess, improve and maintain the cybersecurity posture of the Air Products Operational Technology (OT) environment, including industrial control and building automation systems, and factory automation systems. Perform engineering, design, and implementation of OT security solutions and products, including architecture reviews, vendor engagement, product evaluation, deployment, configuration, and testing.

Malware analyst

C3i hub | India | Onsite – View job details

As a Malware Analyst, you perform static code analysis on suspicious files and software to identify malicious code and behavior across multiple file categories. Perform SAST and DAST analyses. Reverse engineer malware to understand its functionality, intent and potential impact. Develop and maintain automated tools and scripts to streamline the malware analysis process.

Network security engineer

Playtech | Austria | Onsite – View job details

A Network Security Engineer manages network security tools, manages network configuration to ensure security posture and baseline, and works with relevant teams to assess and identify gaps in the network perimeter and design related to security policies.

Network and security engineer

SiPearl | France | Hybrid – View job details

As a Network and Security Engineer, you will manage the company’s networks and participate in the implementation of network security policies to protect all data. Monitor network activities to detect and prevent security incidents
Implement intrusion prevention mechanisms (IDS/IPS) and firewalls in collaboration with the company security team, manage SSL/TLS certificates and implement VPNs to secure all communications, provide level 2/3 support to resolve network and security related incidents.

OT security specialist

Answer | Italy | Hybrid – View job details

As an OT Security Specialist, you will promote a “security by design” approach to the company’s customers and across all industry sectors, establishing and ensuring the application of IOT/OT security policies and procedures that are consistent with the company’s policies. customer and industry standards. You update the cybersecurity standards in the industrial sector, design specific cybersecurity solutions for the OT and supervise their implementation, in coordination with all relevant stakeholders.

Penetration Tester (UK team)

WTW | Philippines | Hybrid – View job details

As a Penetration Tester, you will perform comprehensive assessments of web applications and infrastructure to identify security vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, authentication failures, insecure configurations, poor host device and service configurations, and use these to penetrate deeper into the application /server. Conduct controlled attacks on web applications, APIs and infrastructure, simulate real hacking attempts and identify potential entry points for attackers.

Penetration tester

Metrobank | Philippines | Onsite – View job details

As a penetration tester, you will perform threat assessments, wireless network assessments, and social engineering assessments, including physical security assessments to develop test scenarios. Run network and system security scans. Perform manual and automated hacking techniques on network infrastructure, computer systems, web and mobile applications. Look for weaknesses and recommend corrective actions to prevent potential attacks.

Penetration tester

Protergo | Indonesia | Onsite – View job details

As a Penetration Tester, you perform vulnerability assessments, penetration tests or red teaming roles in a consulting environment. Perform comprehensive penetration testing and vulnerability assessments across mobile, web and infrastructure platforms.

Senior Infrastructure Security Engineer

Qlik | Israel | Onsite – View job details

As a Senior Infrastructure Security Engineer at Qlik, you are at the forefront of securing our SaaS Cloud Infrastructure. Your role is to research, design and implement security solutions that align with company policies, standards and regulatory requirements.

Senior Cyber ​​Security Specialist

UAE Accountability Authority | UAE | Onsite – View job details

As a Senior Cyber ​​Security Specialist, you will develop, implement and maintain the cybersecurity controls and systems within the UAE Accountability Authority (UAEAA), including but not limited to identifying cybersecurity layers and controls for each critical digital asset, and designing cybersecurity systems and integration model in accordance with the UAEAA Information Security Framework to support the overall business strategy.

Sr. Security software engineer, AI and data platforms

Apple | USA | Onsite – View job details

As Sr. Security Software Engineer, Ai and Data Platforms, you will be responsible for developing security capabilities, services and tools using both GenAI and traditional security techniques to proactively identify and remediate application security risks earlier in the software development lifecycle. You design and implement security solutions that ensure timely detection of security problems and are at the same time performant and scalable.

SOAR specialist – FortiSOAR

Help AG | UAE | Onsite – View job details

As a SOAR Specialist – FortiSOAR, you will integrate new log sources and build playbooks to appropriately assess and respond to security incidents, while reducing the time it takes to analyze each event. Deploy, configure, manage, operate and monitor FortiSOAR in a SOC environment.

Vulnerability management analyst

Teleperformance | European Union | Remote – View task details

The Vulnerability Management Analyst will use a variety of tools to discover, analyze and report on vulnerabilities in the Teleperformance environment. Analyze and prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity, exploitability and potential impact on the organization’s operations. Continually evaluate and improve vulnerability management processes and tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Vulnerability management analyst

Airbus Defense and Space | France | Hybrid – View job details

As a CyberSecurity Vulnerability Management Analyst, you will drive the Airbus DS vulnerability management process within your environment, to ensure the success of the entire process (from preparation to remediation). Ensure compliance and proper configuration of the scanning tools in your perimeter. Lead network-based scans, host-based scans, and software-based scans to identify vulnerabilities in networks, workstations, servers, network devices, and deployed software components.

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