AI appointment booking and chat automation for small businesses

Dom Bavaro’s Lead Vortex offers AI appointment booking and chat automation to increase small business engagement on Instagram and Facebook.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESS THREAD / May 28, 2024 / Dom Bavaro, AI Chat Expert, announces the launch of Lead Vortex, an advanced solution designed to streamline social media interactions through AI appointment booking and chat automation. This new tool is poised to change the way influencers and businesses interact with their audiences on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Dom Bavaro speaks on stage at the GoHighLevel SaaSPRENEUR event

Dom Bavaro, known for his expertise in creating compelling video content and successful product launches, introduces Lead Vortex as a game-changer for social media automation.

“Business is a relationship-based game, and video content is the fastest way to foster relationships at scale,” says Bavaro. “With Lead Vortex, influencers can increase engagement and automate repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on creating quality content and building real connections.”

Lead Vortex features advanced AI appointment booking and chat automation for Instagram and Facebook, allowing users to manage conversations efficiently and effectively. By automating these interactions, influencers can maintain a high level of engagement with their followers without the need for constant manual responses.

In addition to AI appointment booking and chat automation, Lead Vortex offers powerful response automation capabilities so that no interaction with followers goes unnoticed. This tool is designed to support influencers in their quest to grow their audience and maintain meaningful relationships with their followers.

“Quality video content takes the burden off copywriting skills and helps build trust with your audience,” Bavaro explains. “With Lead Vortex, influencers can leverage their content more effectively by automating the follow-up process, nurturing every potential lead.”

Dom Bavaro’s journey from content creator to SaaS entrepreneur has been marked by innovation and success. After launching several successful digital products, Bavaro focused on the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry and earned HighLevel’s prestigious “SaaSpreneur Gold” award in 2023.

Lead Vortex offers advanced AI appointment booking and chat automation for Instagram and Facebook.

Lead Vortex embodies Bavaro’s core philosophies: creating powerful video content, selling at scale, and building automated systems. This new tool allows influencers to optimize their social media strategies and drive the growth of their online presence.

Dom also has a YouTube channel where he teaches GoHigLevel. Here’s a video where he talks about how to sell GoHighLevel SaaS without making sales calls:

To learn more about Lead Vortex and see it in action, visit Dom’s website at And


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