Peacekeepers play a vital role in promoting peace and security worldwide: U.S. Department of State

The United States has said that peacekeeping operations play an “essential role” in promoting international peace and security, and that it is essential that peacekeeping personnel protect human rights.

“In accordance with the UN Due Diligence policy, the UN trusts that troop and police contributing countries will self-declare that they will not send troops or police involved in committing human rights abuses or violations of international humanitarian law,” it said US Department of State. from state spokesman Mathew Miller during a regular briefing.

He made these comments when Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey, former assistant press secretary to then Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, asked specific questions about Bangladesh during the briefing.

In a video of the media briefing shared by the US State Department, Ansarey was seen reading written questions.

Previously, the United Nations said it follows a three-step screening process when deploying troops in peacekeeping missions to meet the highest standards of efficiency and integrity, including respect for and commitment to human rights.

“Look, the show consists of three parts. One thing has to do with self-certification; the other concerns the certification by the sending country, and of course there is also a procedure by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights,” Secretary-General spokesperson Stephane Dujarric told a regular briefing at UN headquarters in New York. May 22nd.

Ansarey has been described by Bangladesh Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud as someone who is “paid by BNP” to ask questions “deliberately to generate negative reactions.”

“There is someone who worked for Khaleda Zia’s press office. He is paid by BNP. He deliberately asks questions in an attempt to get negative answers about Bangladesh. He is deliberately asking questions,” Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud recently told reporters, apparently referring to Ansarey’s activities during US State Department briefings.

Bangladesh is one of the largest contributors to peacekeeping operations and the UN appreciates Bangladesh for its “steadfast and distinguished contribution” to peacekeeping operations over the years.

In response to another question on May 28, US State Department spokesperson Miller said they believe corruption undermines economic growth, hinders development, destabilizes government and undermines democracy.

“Since the beginning of this administration, we have made anti-corruption a core national security interest, and our detailed implementation plan for this strategy has been formulated at a number of senior levels,” Miller said.

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