Cotton Egypt Association promotes the growth of textile industry in Bangladesh

Mr. Khaled Schuman, Executive Director, Cotton Egypt Association

With a rich heritage and a commitment to excellence, Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) is ready to expand its footprint into the fast-growing market of Bangladesh. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Khaled Schuman, the Executive Director of the Cotton Egypt Association highlights the importance of Bangladesh’s textile industry on the world stage. He highlights Bangladesh’s exponential growth and its crucial role as one of the world’s largest exporters of textiles and apparel. Mr. Schuman expressed CEA’s enthusiasm to collaborate with the textile industry in Bangladesh, envisioning a future intertwined with innovation and sustainability.

The Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) plans to increase its market presence in Bangladesh. Founded in 2005 as a non-profit organization, CEA’s mission is to protect and promote the added value of the Egyptian Cotton™ identity in supply chains from end to end, under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade and Industry together with the Alexandria -organization. Association of Cotton Exporters (ALCOTEXA).

Mr. Khaled Schuman, Executive Director of the Cotton Egypt Association said: “Bangladesh’s textile industry has emerged as a major player in the global market and has attracted attention for its exponential growth and contribution to the country’s economy. With a robust workforce and competitive manufacturing capabilities, Bangladesh has become one of the world’s largest exporters of textiles and apparel. Cotton Egypt Association is pleased to collaborate with the textile industry of Bangladesh and weave a fabric of innovation and sustainability to shape the future of the global textile sector“.

Through an exclusive partnership with Bureau Veritas, CEA provides testing and auditing services to verify Egyptian Cotton™ at every stage of the supply chain. To eliminate mislabeled goods from the supply chain, CEA uses traceability, total transparency and a revolutionary DNA testing process that can recognize and identify the genomic fingerprint of Egyptian cotton. CEA strongly encourages all accredited manufacturers to use the Egyptian Cotton™ logo to certify that their products are made from our 100% pure Egyptian Cotton™. Leading retailers around the world insist that their manufacturers be accredited by the CEA to guarantee the authenticity of Egyptian cotton products.

It is worth mentioning that Egyptian cotton is recognized worldwide as the best cotton in the world. This is supported by a survey we conducted in collaboration with Home Textiles Today’s subsidiary PBM in the United States into the perceptions of cotton consumers in the US. The survey found that 89% of American consumers consider Egyptian cotton to be the highest quality, and 61% are willing to pay a higher price for it. In summary, the name Egyptian Cotton™ stands for superior quality, softness, strength and durability.

CEA also supports sustainability by collaborating with the Better Cotton Program that UNIDO launched in Egypt in 2020. We have successfully implemented sustainability measures in our fields and we proudly represent all sustainable Egyptian cotton. At CEA we believe that sustainability is not a luxury; it is a mandatory effort we all must undertake to serve sustainable retailers worldwide and save our beloved planet.

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