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This London-based global architecture practice has an astonishing portfolio of buildings designed around the world.

BroadwayMalyan is driven by creating places where people want to live, designing and delivering sustainable, high-quality and climate-resilient new communities and homes. The result is buildings that create a sense of place, where people want to live, work and relax.

The company’s interdisciplinary teams can design and operate complex projects across residential, education, workplace, retail, mixed-use, master planning and hospitality, delivering projects at all scales.

Broadway Malyan takes a placemaking-led design approach, which she says results in getting the most economic and social value from a project. The design process begins with a careful analysis of the brief and understanding of the context; this could mean assessing environmental, character and cultural factors. Designs often use a limited palette of materials to enhance the form and composition of a scheme; Typically, there are three materials involved in a construction plan, including the glazing.

The ambitious and creative project below illustrates the expertise of this agency.

Image: Broadway Malyan.

Longcross Garden Village, Surrey

Longcross Garden Village will be a modern, sustainable community providing up to 1,700 new homes in an extensive and varied landscaped environment, well connected locally and beyond.

For centuries, Longcross consisted of a rural Surrey landscape of fields and moors, divided by hedgerows and woodlands. In 1853, the architect William Pocock built Barrowhills House for himself, just below a Bronze Age burial mound on a central hilltop. Shortly afterwards the London Waterloo to Reading railway line was constructed along the northern boundary of the site. Longcross was transformed during the Second World War with the use of the site and adjacent Chobham Common for tank testing, including the construction of Longcross Station.

The Ministry of Defense subsequently acquired the site. It built factories and laboratories with high-speed test tracks and steep inclines, making Longcross one of the country’s most critical locations for military vehicle development. In 2001, Longcross ceased to be used for military purposes and was subsequently repurposed as a film and television location, including Skyfall, Call the Midwife and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

This site, rich in history and with unique features of its previous use, is now being redeveloped for a new garden village designed by Broadway Malyan for their client, Crest Nicholson plc & Aviva. The plans received unanimous planning approval at the Runnymede Borough Council Planning Committee meeting in May 2024.

Image: Broadway Malyan.

In a restorative approach, the layout and character of the future Longcross Garden Village was designed around the conservation and use of the natural and historic green spaces and assets already present. Hedgerows and high quality woodland areas will be retained and connected by new landscaped spaces and corridors, creating a ‘green grid’ landscape environment for the new community. At the center of Longcross Garden Village will be a 25-hectare park, including the preserved Bronze Age burial mound and Barrowhills House, designed to encourage informal recreation and dog walking to minimize the impact on adjacent environmentally sensitive moorland habitats.

Image: Broadway Malyan.

There are five residential neighborhoods surrounding the park, each with its own character:

  • Central Longcross mainly contains houses in an informal network of streets and greenery.
  • The Heart of Longcross will include leisure and community facilities including a primary school and a care home, as well as a variety of houses and apartments.
  • Barrow Hills Green consists of medium and larger houses surrounding the picturesque parkland setting of Barrowhills House.
  • The Avenue consists of apartments and houses laid out around formally landscaped courtyards, shielding the site from the noise of the adjacent highway.
  • Upper Kitsmead comprises houses and apartments arranged around formal green areas and crescents, with formally composed layouts, including the retained tank test ramps transformed into a stepped garden.

The plans include children’s play areas throughout the village and formal recreational facilities including sports fields. An extensive network of pedestrian and cycle routes provides sustainable and accessible connectivity throughout the village and beyond, most importantly realizing the full benefit of the rail link provided by Longcross Station.

Image: Broadway Malyan.

Sustainable living in the 21st century

Ana McMillin, director of Broadway Malyan, summarized Longcross Garden Village as follows:

“A place for a diverse new 21st century community that combines the exceptional features of Surrey village life, the unique setting of the site and the principles of modern Garden Villages. It will truly be a distinctive, unique and sustainable living and working environment.”

What we like about this London architectural firm:

Designing buildings that are attractive to their residents is at the forefront of this company’s ethos, and this combined with an emphasis on sustainable architecture that suits the environment, makes Broadway Malyan’s work compelling.

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