Hololive Advent Vtuber Koseki Bijou gives an interview about games and events

Cover will host the Hololive Advent Vtubers’ first anniversary in July 2024, and along with Koseki Bijou, others will share their experiences and experiences with the band.

Tell me about a moment in your freshman year that brought you great pride, Jenni Lada.

Koseki Bijou is back in the game, and it’s been almost a year! The best part of being here is knowing that I share my interests and enjoy gaming in my social circle. How great is it when people enjoy watching me play games?

What inspired you to explore Souls games, and what advice would you give to someone who has a keen interest in the genre?

Koseki Bijou is an enthusiastic player of Dark Souls III, a game full of adventure and passion. I find the feeling of victory and defeat when defeating bosses unimaginable, and the game is a great place to start.

You are known for using memes and hacking with them. It seems that I made those phrases like “Biboo tax” and “Gyatt for the Rizzler” (the song that is Ilegung from a hololive) famous, but how did you find out?

I find myself actively involved in following current memes, but many of the memes I’ve come across tend to be rooted in shared memories and lifestream. These are some of my favorite moments that turned into memes and are actually my favorite because they remind me of what happened in the past and what happened in the present!

Can you share your event planning experiences with your family and friends?

I love the excitement of seeing everyone, especially while streaming and chatting with all the Pebbles in person, which is very meaningful to me. Even though you don’t have a set schedule, taking notes about the events is a great way to remember the experience!

What game have you never played, but would like to play?

According to Koseki Bijou, I love Souls and challenging games, and Bloodborne is the one game I haven’t played in a while that I’m really excited about, thanks to the game’s popularity among FromSoft fans. I’m also eagerly awaiting the Elden Ring DLC!

What is your favorite type of Hololive meeting?

I’m looking to collaborate with my fellow Filipinos at Hololive, but I’m not so sure and I feel shy because of the language barrier.

Whether you’re on Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube, check out Koseki Bijoujar and her YouTube channel to learn more.

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