If the BJP wins the elections, there will be a new law to grab farmers’ land: Akhilesh

VARANASI Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav on Wednesday alleged that if the BJP retains power at the Centre, it will bring in a law like the repealed farm laws to “grab the land from farmers”.

Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav speaks during an election rally of the INDIA bloc on the outskirts of Varanasi. (AFP photo)

“The black laws were only repealed after protests from farmers who united against them. The black laws have been repealed, but we must remain alert. If they come back to power, they will bring a similar law to encroach on the lands of farmers and adivasis,” he said.

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Claiming that every promise made by the BJP in the past decade has turned out to be false, Yadav said that neither farmers’ income has doubled nor youth have been given jobs. “During the BJP rule, inflation and unemployment have increased and so the public has decided to change the government,” he said during a poll rally in Sonebhadra to seek votes for the SP candidate from Robertsganj Lok Sabha seat Chhotelal Kharwar .

The SP chief vowed to provide “record employment” if the INDIA bloc wins the Lok Saba elections and assured that he would make Dudhi a district and complete the much-awaited Kanhar irrigation project.

Yadav said, “We had started construction of a hospital and started Kanhar irrigation project but this government stopped it. These people run as they please. Samajwadi people work continuously while BJP people show only dreams.”

Yadav sharpened his attack on the BJP-led Center and alleged that the government had ‘deliberately’ leaked question papers of recruitment exams.

He added that the country’s youth travel to places far away from their homes to appear for recruitment exams, but after returning they find out that the question paper has been leaked.

“These elections are about saving our future. At the same time, these elections are also about saving the Constitution, which gives us respect and protects our rights,” he added.

“The people of the country have decided to change the government of those who came out to change the constitution. You must save Baba Saheb’s constitution,” Yadav urged the people.

He said if the INDIA block government is formed, the Agniveer system will be scrapped.

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