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At the Music Biz 2024 Conference, informative panels focused on innovative music technology, the impact of sync deals and the incredible role of women in the music industry.

The Music Biz Conference 2024 featured multiple insightful panels on the latest technology in music, support for independent artists, resources for creatives, gender equality and other integral issues essential to the continued advancement of the music industry.

One panel on sync deals featured Blackberry Smoke guitarist Charlie Starr and manager Trey Wilson. They dug into the details of a nearly 1,000% increase in digital download sales after Blackberry Smoke was featured on the hit TV show Yellowstone.

According to Wilson, the song Hi Delilah was the first ‘real sync’ on the show, which led to the band seeing an immediate triple-digit increase in streams. Wilson said: “It went astronomically high. I think we saw a 999% increase in digital download sales and a 125% increase in Shazams.”

“It’s been the same ever since. Every song has had a monumental response,” Wilson added.

One of Music Biz 2024’s external events was The Music Manager Forum’s performance at a ranch – complete with horses and a bonfire.

Sharon Tapper, the Executive Director of the Music Managers Forum (USA), talked about her first night of Music Biz at the Copper Lime Ranch, formerly the estate of Kenny Rogers. “We’ve had ponies here and peacocks and incredible food and drink and some of the most amazing people in the music world – mixing and mingling and getting to know each other.”

Tapper added: “No matter what you do in the industry, you can be together here and in this space.”

Strong women in leadership positions attended Black women’s crescendo celebration.

Gina Miller, the senior vice president and general manager of Monarch Music Group, said, “We celebrate Black women who are here at Music Biz, who are in music and who are taking care of their business.”

The Moms in Music Organization also hosted a mixer at Music Biz 2024, where DMN spoke with Brittney King Brock, founder and operator of King Creative Group.

Brock expressed her goal to inspire the next generation of female executives and artists to feel like they don’t have to choose between raising a family and building their careers. Brock added, “You can do both, and you have a built-in community that honestly shares how to do it. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. We’re trying to rewrite the story of what motherhood looks like in the music world.”

On Day 2 of Music Biz 2024, the Nashville sky cleared just in time for a spectacular evening on the rooftops – including the annual meet and greet hosted by A2IM and a Women in Music event.

Shira Yevin, founder of Gritty in Pink, spoke about her focus on breaking down barriers and creating space for female freelancers in the industry, supported by Live Nation. About Music Biz 2024, Yevin said: “It’s the people and what they do that make Music Biz what it is.”

Jeremy Gruber, head of artist marketing for Friends at Work, spoke about the real value of conferences like Music Biz. Gruber said his “primary role is finding the next step in technology” and figuring out how to help artists grow their careers.

Gruber said: “(This is) where the startup founders and many of the people trying new ideas come from. It’s always about meeting people, trying to find out what’s next, and helping bring that to the artists we work with. We can provide them with the technology they need to help grow their audience.”

Chlon Henry, CEO of Wealth Media Distribution and head of Think It’s a Game Records, told DMN: “We support independent labels and independent artists.”

The Music Biz 2024 Conference took place from May 13 to 16, 2024.

Although Nashville has been an excellent host over the years, Dr. Porsche Sabin, president of the Music Business Association, announced that Music Biz will move to Atlanta in 2025.

Music Biz 2025 will be held at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta from May 12-15, 2025.

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