TechConnect drives the Port of Brisbane – ARN’s sustainability campaign

It falls under the port’s sustainability finance framework and states that the facility is linked to the port’s focus on reducing carbon emissions and biodiversity, among other strategic initiatives.

As a result, the port claims that the platform is capable of ingesting, centralizing, cleansing, transforming and visualizing previously dispersed sustainability data such as solar, energy, water and vehicles, among others.

It can also provide access to a comprehensive data repository that stores all sustainability information, organizational artifacts, and established objectives. As a result, it can also showcase the port’s sustainability portfolio and track progress towards goals and objectives.

“TechConnect has worked closely with the Port of Brisbane to help them deploy world-leading technology to achieve their sustainability goals by clearly and accurately understanding the impact of their assets on the environment, and then taking action to make improvements in line with those sustainability goals.” says Mike Cunningham, CEO of TechConnect.

“The Port can now leverage their data from a range of assets, making it easier for them to make quick, informed decisions that will drive business objectives and ensure the Port’s environmental and sustainability initiatives are met, including reducing CO2 emissions.”

TechConnect’s work with the port comes just under a year after it migrated the nonprofit DVConnect from its old telephone exchange to Amazon Connect.

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