Meghan Trainor reveals her favorite lip oil only costs $8

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If 2016 was the year of the matte lipstick, I’d argue that 2024 is the year of the lip oil. As trends have shifted toward a preference for thinner, glossier makeup, beauty lovers have also started prioritizing juicy, hydrated lips, pushing the versatile lip oil to the top spot when it comes to lip products.

And it’s not just beauty fans who are obsessed with all things lip oil, it’s celebrities too. In a recent interview with Elite dailypop star Meghan Trainor walked readers through her tried-and-true beauty products that have helped her through world tours, pregnancies and more, naming this $8 lip oil as one she can’t live without.

Meghan Trainor’s go-to lip oil

One thing about Meghan Trainor is that she will keep it real, and her shortlist of beauty products will be given Elite daily is further proof that the megastar is always recognizable. Trainor takes a “less is more” approach to her beauty routine and keeps her range of products short and sweet, sticking to products that never do her wrong, like Elf’s Glow Reviver Tinted Lip Oil ($8).



“It holds my lips so well all day, every day,” Trainor told the outlet, noting that her favorite color is Pink Quartz. This isn’t the first time Trainor has shared her love for the product, as she revealed in an interview with In style earlier this year he said, “Every day of my life I use the Glow Reviver Lip Oil in Rose Quartz.”

She further revealed that she doesn’t just use it as part of her makeup routine. “I also literally use it at night, because I can’t go to sleep with dry lips. I’m going crazy. It’s like a new part of my life now. But I’m obsessed with that one. You can put it on anything, but you can also just use it as is. And it’s so great. Man, I can’t get enough of this. It’s my goal.”

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