New digital office key for the fight against hackers

Stacy Shi

Targeted measures will be implemented by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer to prevent future data breaches, Minister of Innovation, Technology and Industry Sun Dong announced.

Speaking at a meeting of a Legislative Council subcommittee, he said the agency is currently responsible for formulating information and technology policies and providing technical support.

He was responding to concerns from Legco members about how the new digital policy office, which will be responsible for digital government, data management and IT policy, will ensure data security following recent government data breach incidents.

“After the establishment of the digital policy office, the OGCIO will strengthen interdepartmental coordination and supervision to prevent data breaches.”

Measures will also be introduced to improve cybersecurity, including:

? Monitoring the progress of research and design during the development of technology systems;

? Conducting stress tests before the official launch of new systems;

? Involving the digital policy office in the R&D process and requiring departments to submit technical proposals before the tender; And

? Send staff to meetings with departments to strengthen supervision

Sun emphasized the importance of improving technical expertise among department leaders, saying they should “always be technology impressed” and strictly follow network security policies.

He said there is a need to increase accountability for cybersecurity incidents and the responsibilities of departments in protecting their information.

Meanwhile, government chief information officer Tony Wong Chi-kwong said the new office will focus on fixing system problems, ramping up random security checks, conducting vulnerability and penetration tests and simulating hacking attacks. Cybersecurity attack and defense exercises will also be organized at the end of this year to strengthen the government’s ability to resist hacking.

And the OGICO, in collaboration with the Civil Service College, will provide training to increase cybersecurity awareness among government services.

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