Will EA College Football 25 Have a Mascot Mode?

EA College Football 25 looks to be bringing back classic modes like Dynasty and Road to Glory, but what about Mascot Mode? For those who have never played the old NCAA Football games from EA Sports, Mascot Mode, as the name suggests, lets you play as the team’s mascot. Instead of 22 players taking the field, you see 22 mascots (99 OVR) take the field and absolutely dominate. Although this mode was mainly for jokes, it was fun to play with friends. So many fans want to know: is it coming to EA College Football 25?

Is Mascot Mode Coming to EA College Football 25?

EA Sports College Football 25 does not include a mascot mode, according to Chris Vannini of The Athletic. He and a few others got the chance to play College Football 25 briefly. While he noted many great details, such as a strong running game and presentation, he did say that mascot mode was not available.

While we still have to wait for official confirmation from EA, it seems likely that the game will not include Mascot Mode. If so, it would be an extreme disappointment for fans who have been waiting more than a decade for its return. Sure, it’s not as deep as Dynasty, but it was still fun to play. Additionally, it gave each team a level playing field as all teams had 99 OVR.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to play as a stacked team of mascots with pretty much any skill at their disposal? I think EA Orlando is the answer to that question, because it probably wasn’t important enough to add. Instead, we get College Football Ultimate Team, where your experience may be determined by how much money you spend in real life.

However, Vannini did say that this could happen in future generations. But honestly, do we really care about College Football 26 and beyond? Fans have been waiting for this game, not the one that could include a mascot mode in the future. Overall, it’s just sad to hear that we couldn’t get that mode.

While it may not appear in College Football 25, we hope to see it in future episodes. In fact, it would be great just to add a post-launch update. Still, we can only hope that it will return one day.

Overall, this covers everything we know so far about Mascot Mode in EA Sports College Football 25. While we wait for more information, take a look at some of the confirmed modes coming to the game. Additionally, Madden fans can anticipate the reveal of the next entry, Madden 25, taking place this month. We look forward to hearing more about both titles.

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