ASBTDC welcomes Fuentes, Williamson, Norwood

The Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center (ASBTDC) recently announced the addition of three new members to the State Advisory Board: Adriana Fuentes Archila, Randy Williamson and Jarrod Norwood. Their appointments are effective immediately.

Fuentes, vice president of community development at Arkansas Capital Corporation, Williamson, senior SBA lender and commercial lender at Arkansas Federal Credit Union, and Norwood, vice president and commercial relationship manager for Regions Bank, bring extensive experience in lending, community development and corporate ownership to the board.

“These three individuals are tremendous supporters of ASBTDC and will make excellent additions to our board,” said Laura Fine, state director. “Their experience in lending, community development and business ownership will help ASBTDC pursue its vision of promoting economic vitality and prosperity throughout Arkansas.”

The State Advisory Board provides fresh perspectives, new ideas and feedback on ASBTDC programs and services and helps Fine and her leadership team develop strategies to meet the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs in Arkansas.

Members serve a three-year term. Chad Hudson, David Marks, Itzel Meador and Richard Ricciardi will continue for another term. Adriene F. Brown, district director for the Arkansas Small Business Administration, holds an ad hoc seat on the board.

“What really impresses me about ASBTDC is that the organization’s vision goes beyond just supporting small businesses. ASBTDC strives to improve the entire economic ecosystem of Arkansas,” said Williamson, a small business owner and lender for 25 years. “I aspire to play a role in raising awareness of the extensive opportunities ASBTDC offers for small businesses.”

Norwood, who grew up in family businesses, now helps companies use financing to grow while maintaining profitability.

“ASBTDC really helps small businesses,” says Norwood. “I appreciate their willingness to help and their expertise, which is backed by their highly targeted market research. They are there from idea to opening and all the highs and lows afterwards.”

Fuentes wants to connect ASBTDC with Latino networks and professionals to overcome language barriers.

“The ASBTDC is unique in its ability to serve clients statewide at every stage of business development,” she said. “I admire their deep commitment to working with socially and economically disadvantaged individuals across the state through various programs and initiatives.”


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