Greater Lowell Technical High School students are designing sweatshirts to draw attention to Mental Health Awareness Month

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TYNGSBOROUGH – Superintendent Jill Davis is pleased to announce that Greater Lowell Technical High School students have designed and created special sweatshirts to draw attention to Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

The sweatshirts are now available for purchase at the Greater Lowell Technical High School school store as the school aims to raise awareness about mental health.

The initiative to create the sweatshirts started last September, when student Alanna Bastien attended a suicide prevention presentation with her mother and wore a sweatshirt that read “mental health is important” to the event.

Superintendent Davis noticed the sweatshirt, and after speaking with Alanna that evening about her outspoken support for mental health awareness, Superintendent Davis suggested that Alanna work with students and staff to design a sweatshirt or T-shirt that could be sold in the GLTECH store.

Bastien then scheduled meetings with Technology CTE Chair Valerie Branco, Personal Services CTE Chair Kellie Ready, and Design and Visual Communications instructor Nathan Lord.

In the months that followed, Bastien worked with students from the Graphic Communication and Design and Visual Communication programs to design sweatshirts with various messages about mental health and the text ‘Mental Health Matters’.

The sweatshirts became popular in the school store, prompting Superintendent Davis to recommend a new sweatshirt in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

Graphic Communications and other students who helped design the sweatshirts include Sebastian Lucarotti, Rylee Siopes, Divani Ek, Emily Dubey, Skylar Bergeron and Lauren Patno.

“The staff at Greater Lowell Technical High School has gone above and beyond to make my voice heard. They have enabled the Graphics and DVC students to create something inspiring that all students and staff can enjoy,” said Bastien. “If it hadn’t been for that one night in September when Superintendent Davis complimented my sweatshirt, I don’t think this achievement would have been possible. The possibilities here are endless, and that’s why I’m grateful that I chose such a great school.”

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