DVIDS – News – Vermont excels at Winston P. Wilson handgun championships

The Winston P. Wilson Small Arms Championships, the National Guard’s premier combat shooting event, concluded this week in Arkansas. Named in honor of Major General Winston P. Wilson, who served as chief of the National Guard Bureau from 1963 to 1971, this annual weeklong competition has a storied history dating back to its founding in 1971. The championships are designed to the marksmanship of members of the United States National Guard.

The Vermont Army National Guard Small Arms Readiness Training Section had an outstanding performance, taking 6th place overall in the Team Aggregate and 1st place in the Pistol Team Aggregate. Vermont’s remarkable success in the pistol competitions has earned them the title of the National Guard’s top combat pistol team, a distinction they will maintain in the coming year.

Two Vermont shooters, Tech. Sergeant Nicolas Poirier and Tech. Sergeant Galen Topper, were awarded the prestigious Chief’s 50 Badge. Additionally, Tech. Sergeant Poirier earned an impressive 2nd place overall in the Individual Pistol Aggregate.
“I’m really proud of what we were able to achieve during this competition.”, said Tech. Sergeant Poirier: “We practice a lot, and it’s great to see us putting in high-level performances like this.”

A particularly notable achievement was that of Master Sgt. Derik Mumley, who served as Staff Sgt. Millard Butler Trophy. This trophy, dedicated to retired Sgt. 1st Class Millard Butler, a legendary Vermont National Guardsman and one of the best combat shooters in history, honoring the winning pistol team’s best new shooter. Master Sgt. Mumley’s achievement highlights Vermont’s commitment to excellence and marksmanship.

“It really all comes down to repetitive training,” said Master Sgt. Mumley: “We spend a lot of time practicing and it shows when we come to these high-stakes games.”

The members of the Vermont Army National Guard Small Arms Readiness Training Section who competed in this year’s championships were:

Sp. Samuel Austin (A TRP 1-172 CAV)
Master Sgt. Troy Johnson (158th AMXS)
Technology. Sergeant Jacob McNiss (158th SFS)
Sergeant Thomas Montgomery (172nd LE DET)
Master Sgt. Derik Mumley (158th MSG)
Technology. Sergeant Nicolas Poirier (158th AMXS)
Technology. Sergeant Galen Topper (158th AMXS)
Sergeant Kenneth White (HHT 1-172 CAV)

With such a strong performance at this prestigious event, the Vermont Army National Guard Small Arms Readiness Training Section once again demonstrated their exceptional skills and dedication to excellence in competitive marksmanship. The Winston P. Wilson Small Arms Championships continues to serve as an essential platform for sharpening the combat readiness and marksmanship of the National Guard, fostering camaraderie and excellence among participants.

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