24 AAPI Cookbooks That Should Be on Your Shelf

Promising review: “Yes, this book is beautiful, the recipes are well written, the variety of recipes is great, but Most importantly, this book reminds me of all the food my parents and grandparents made for me. Most Chinese cookbooks simply don’t reflect what I ate growing up. My husband asks me why I don’t cook Chinese food more often… it’s because most cookbooks don’t contain recipes of what I ate as a child. Now I have real recipes with real instructions and proportions for the simplest red-cooked pork belly, steamed egg, wontons, stir-fried vegetables, and even pickling my own snow vegetables!

Because of the way Betty has incorporated Chinese characters, pinyin and English, I know exactly which dish she is talking about. As a Chinese-American, this cookbook resonates deeply with me. If I were writing a cookbook, I would have written this, but luckily the incredibly talented Betty Liu did it first, so I’m forever grateful that she took the time to do this. Seriously, just buy it!” —AmiTashie

Get it from Amazon for $11.29.

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