“Small Rat Like You”: Chats Leak as Lady Shoots Her Boyfriend’s Suspected Side Chick For Looking At Her Man

  • A young Nigerian lady has shared her experience after dating someone’s boyfriend
  • The lady leaked her chats with the man’s girlfriend, who promised to deal with her for dating her husband
  • Social media users who came across the post on TikTok took turns sharing their thoughts on the situation

A Nigerian lady has shared the threat messages she received after dating someone’s boyfriend.

The man’s girlfriend heard about her conversation with her husband and decided to seriously warn her.

Leaked chat between two ladies trend online
Lady shoots suspected boyfriend’s side chick Photo credit: @nancyktv/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Lady leaks chat with jealous girl

In the chats shared by @nancyktv, the angry friend threatened to deal with the girl for going out with her boyfriend.

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According to her, she found their chats and became provoked when she read the content of their conversation.

She further accused the girl of being the one who pursued her boyfriend and stopped her from enjoying her relationship.

In her words:

“You’re the one my boyfriend sees and has fun with. I see your chat in his phone. I caught him and asked him about it. He said you’re the one who threw yourself at him. That he never knew you and that’s you forcing yourself on him.”

Reactions as angry girlfriend slams suspected side chick

Nigerians stormed the comments section on TikTok to share their views on the situation.

@Big Desire said:

“I just looked at your page where he’s using you. See the hair you get.”

@Big_Dee said:

‘I’m leaving, leaving mine behind. I still regret not going. After the battle of the strongest, I can marry myself.”

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@Accolade said:

“I’m not going to lie, true, true, but you’re forcing yourself to avoid the boy.”

@Daddy’sgirl responded:

“One texted me in disguise of a customer. Lol. I saved her number. She can view my status whatever she wants. She sees that I don’t mute her message from her friend.”

@Goodycollections thrift store said:

“How can people say that a man will never marry them, that he is theirs, son and brother, shame won’t let me do that oooo! Let him settle for his choice.”

@Ems responded:

“I’m not dragging a boy with a girl. I’ll just love you both as long as my money share doesn’t decrease until I lose my feelings for him.”

@Ella added:

“Catching up should not leave the man as long as the girl talks to you. Because she is so angry, she is going to tell me if they marry her, and stay for home.’

Watch the video below:

Cheating girlfriend confesses to her husband

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In the meantime, previously reported that after cheating on her boyfriend who moved to Abuja, a lady slid into his DM to confess and promise never to do it again.

Her boyfriend, who was already planning to marry her this year, was so disappointed.


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