Green Party to deliver solutions to the crisis around the cost of living, housing and the NHS

The Green Party is expected to present “practical solutions” to the crisis around the cost of living, housing and the NHS, alongside plans to clean up Britain’s toxic rivers and seas.

The party will later launch its election campaign from Bristol and commit to “delivering real hope and real change”.

Following its success at the local elections, where the number of Green councilors was increased to 812, the party said it hopes to elect four MPs by July 4.

Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay
Green Party co-leaders Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay (Ben Birchall/PA)

Co-leader Adrian Ramsay said: “After so much damage from the outgoing Conservative government, we need more than a few adjustments from a new Labor government.

“Green MPs will push the next government to take bold action to deliver the real changes needed to tackle the big challenges facing our country.”

Mr Ramsay, who stands in the new Waveney Valley constituency, added: “Over the last five years we have increased the number of councilors fivefold.

“The Greens have dramatically increased our number of elected councilors, from here in Bristol to councils in Waveney Valley and from Newcastle to Hastings.

“In the coming weeks we will build on that success and on July 4 ask voters to elect at least four Green MPs to our target seats and support our candidates across England and Wales.

“We offer real hope and real change.”

Opinion polls published on May 22 show the Greens at 6%.

Carla Denyer, fellow co-leader and parliamentary candidate for Bristol Central, said the party has “practical solutions to the cost of living, building new affordable homes, protecting our NHS from creeping privatization and cleaning up our toxic rivers and seas. ”.

She added: “Across the country, people now have the chance to vote for real hope and real change.

“Our politics are broken, our public services are on their knees and people are worse off now than when the Conservatives came to power fourteen years ago.

“The arguments for change are obvious, but it has to be real change that offers real hope. Half measures and broken promises are not enough. The Conservatives are clearly on their way out of government, but Labor is failing to deliver the real change that is needed.”

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s only MP and first elected in 2010, is not seeking re-election.

Former Green Party co-leader Sian Berry will sit in Ms Lucas’s Brighton Pavillion constituency after winning 71% of first preference votes.

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