Yankees’ Aaron Boone calls Angel Hernandez’s criticism ‘unfair’ after umpire’s retirement

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone doesn’t think the ridicule Angel Hernandez has been getting lately is warranted.

When Hernandez announced Monday that he was retiring from refereeing in the major leagues, it appeared fans were putting aside their differences. At that moment, the fans all smiled at each other as doves flew around and angels (no pun intended) played musical instruments in the clouds, singing the same chorus about their collective approval of Hernandez’s decision to walk away from the majors. . Needless to say, Hernandez was not a well-liked figure during his long career in the MLB as an umpire.

The Yankees manager wants Angel Hernandez’s critics to scale back

Home plate umpire Angel Hernandez during the game between the Houston Astros and the Cleveland Guardians at Minute Maid Park.
Mandatory credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Boone recently appeared to defend Hernandez amid an avalanche of ridicule directed at the latter.

“It’s a long career. I think he has unfairly been a role model kid (and) can be a punching bag officiating,” Boone said Tuesday (h/t Pete Caldera of The Yankees skipper also added that the treatment Hernandez has received lately has “at times been unfair and excessive.”

“The reality is he spent a lot of time in this league, he cared about his craft and I wish him the best,” Boone added.

Moreover, Boone also said that he wants to see Hernandez do well in his life as a referee. Boone called Hernandez a “great guy” and said that “it’s unfortunate (about) what I think is over-criticism of him even retiring.”

Boone’s response is in stark contrast to that of former Yankees star pitcher CC Sabathia, who used a Looney Tunes GIF to troll Hernandez amid the umpire’s retirement news.

Boone’s opinion won’t overnight reverse the poor image people have of Hernandez as a referee. That’s just one man’s word against a library of grudges against Hernadez. Either way, Boone and any baseball fan won’t see Hernadez officiate any MLB games in the future. For better or worse, Hernandez’s retirement won’t lead to total silence from fans when it comes to making fun of referees.

The fan offer is based on Aaron Boone’s response to Angel Hernandez’s criticism

Here are some thoughts fans have shared about Boone’s take on the hatred toward Hernandez:

“I feel like the narrative from players and managers is that he’s a great guy. Fans have a different story,” said X user @TheSkippersView.

From @FlyingMangoDS: “AH was definitely one of the worst, but I’m a bit of a defender. The best hitters in the world only get on base 40-45%, but people are shocked when an umpire is fooled by a pitch and makes a bad call. People think it looks easy, but those same people probably can’t throw or hit at any level”

“Surprised to hear that from a manager,” said @EasternMESports.

“He did it to himself. Not only was he bad (umps make mistakes), he was also very arrogant and had tissue paper thin skin. Ran players/managers for breathing in his direction and making every game about HIM instead of the game! He deserves everything he gets #GoodRiddance,” said @SportsOnly62.

“To be honest, fans don’t like referees in general. The only way you know you’re doing well is if the fans don’t know who you are. It kinda sucks. Players then show up, broadcasters point out their mistakes. It’s not a fun job,” says @HankBobbyDale.

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