Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash Update 1.10 Adds Character Customizations and More on May 29

Byking Inc. he has retreated Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash Update 1.10, which will release as patch version 1.001 on current-gen platforms. This will bring difficulty adjustments for the game’s story mode, a balance pass for the characters, and other adjustments.

Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash Update 1.10 Patch Notes:

PS5 update version 1.001 | PC version 1.1.0

Improved features

The difficulty of “Story Mode” has been adjusted.

  • Mainly because of the difficulty of the tutorial for Domain expansion And Second halfwhich were relaxed.

Combat effects have been adjusted and visibility has been improved.

  • The Cursed Energy effect around the characters has been adjusted slightly smaller.
  • The effects of Buff/Debuff and the triggering co-op attack bonus have been adjusted to be slightly smaller.
  • The draw time of debris effects caused when objects are destroyed in some battle phases has now been reduced.

The character/battle stage selected at the end of “Online Battle Mode” will be saved at startup.

  • For the cursor position while selecting a character or a battle phase, the character/battle phase selected at the end during startup is saved.

The ability to play the “Custom Voice” of the customization item has been added.

  • The custom voice can be played in the store/customization screen.

User interface improvements.

  • The character selection format is adjusted according to the character addition. On the character selection screen before the battle starts, it is possible to see the ally player selection.
  • User interface of the Free battle mode was improved.
  • The task display position during combat has been improved.
  • The button guide during combat has been improved. The size changes depending on the text length.
  • The layout of the mission selection screen in the Story mode Was adjusted.
  • The guide text of each mode is now displayed in the Main menu.
  • The experience required to increase the character Lv is adjusted in the training/equipment screen of the Online co-op mode.

Online play adjustments.

  • The penalty function has been implemented for disconnection during online battles.
  • There is a time limit on overall online play if the connection is lost.
  • Please note that intentionally disconnecting is a serious disruption to other players.
  • Online battle stability has been improved.
  • The dialogue displayed when the connection is unstable before battle will be displayed more easily.

Bug fixes

Character behavior during battles has been improved.

  • The malfunctions under a specific condition and action camera have been adjusted, and some unintended behavior has been fixed.
  • The details of each character are listed below.

Other minor bugs have been fixed.

Additional content

The upper limit of the total score for the “Promotional Battle in Online Battle Mode” has been unlocked.

  • The upper limit has been changed from 999999 to 9999999.

New playable characters have been added.

  • Momo Nishimiya And Mai Zen’in is added.

New battle stages have been added.

  • Headquarters of the Star Religious Group And Tombs of the Star, Great Hall were added.

New customization items have been added.

  • The customization items were added due to the addition of Momo Nishimiya And Mai Zen’in.

The skill cap of “Online Battle Mode” has been increased and new battles have been added

  • The upper skill limit will be increased and a new battle will be added to the draw for each difficulty level.
  • Momo Nishimiya, Mai Zen’in, Satoru Gojo (student), Suguru Geto (student)And Toji Fushiguro will take part in the new battles.

Applied several adjustments due to the addition of the ‘Hidden Inventory/Premature Death’ DLC.

※The additional content must be purchased to play.

Combat balance adjustments

jujutsu kaisen cursed clash patch notes for battle balance adjustments

jujutsu kaisen cursed clash patch notes for battle balance adjustments

That’s a solid patch from Bandai Namco. As soon as a new one comes out, we’ll let our readers know.

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