Why May 29 is important in rock history

It’s May 29th and here are some reasons why this day matters in rock history:

In 1965, The beach boys started two weeks at the top of the singles chart with ‘Help Me Rhonda’.

In 2003, Black crows guitarist Rich Robinson‘s new band, Hookah Brown, called it quits just six months after their first show. Robinson said of the decision, “Sometimes life gets in the way of people making music together.”

In 1969, Crosby, Stills & Nash released their self-titled debut album.

In 1971, The rolling stones began a two-week run at number one on the singles chart with ‘Brown Sugar’. It was the band’s sixth number one.

In 1991, just after completing the recording of their album, Forget it, Nirvana played a last-minute show at LA’s Jabberjaw. Among the crowd were Iggy Pop like Dave Grohlhis girlfriend, L7 bassist Jennifer Finchwho brought her best friend, Courtney Love.

In 1999, skeletal remains were found by photographers looking for old car wrecks to photograph at the bottom of Decker Canyon near Malibu, California. Forensic evidence would later prove that the remains were earlier Iron butterfly bassist Filip Kramer, who disappeared four years earlier. His death was ruled a probable suicide.

In 2003, Fleck topped the album chart 14 shades of gray.

And in 2001, The Eagles made their very first visit to Russia and performed at SC Olymisky in Moscow.

And that’s what happened in rock history today.

(H/T: This day in music)

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