T20 World Cup 2024: ISIS-linked outfit threatens attack on India-Pak match in US, security strengthened

Authorities in the United States have increased security measures for the upcoming India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match scheduled for June 6 in New York following a threat from ISIS-K. The terror group released a video calling on ‘Lone Wolf’ attackers to target the event, prompting urgent responses from local and state officials. Nassau County Police Chief Patrick Ryder confirmed the threat and outlined steps being taken to ensure safety.

“The terror group’s video has received global attention and is calling on lone attackers to take action,” Ryder said. “With such a large gathering and event, all threats must be taken seriously.”

Initially, the ISIS-Khorasan threat was broad and international, but has since become more specific to the India-Pakistan match, although the location was not initially mentioned. The latest development includes a video of drones flying over the cricket stadium with the date “6/09/2024”.

In response, New York Governor Kathy Hochul ordered the New York State Police to implement increased security measures, stressing that there is currently no credible threat to public safety. However, she stated, “We continue to monitor the situation closely. My administration has been working with federal law enforcement and Nassau County for months to ensure the safety of New Yorkers and visitors.”

Nassau County Supervisor Bruce Blakeman assured that all precautions have been taken. “We take every threat seriously. There are the same procedures for every threat. We do not minimize the threats. We are pursuing all our leads,” he said at a news conference. Security will be significantly increased at the cricket stadium in Eisenhower Park, where the match will take place. Additional police officers will be mobilized and local hospitals are on alert. “We will go to the last detail when it comes to the safety of the residents here,” Ryder said. The threat includes possible drone attacks, leading county officials to request the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to designate Eisenhower Park as a no-fly zone for drones. ISIS-K, an offshoot of the Islamic State active in South and Central Asia, has a history of violent attacks, including a deadly assault on a Moscow concert hall in March. This context underlines the seriousness of the current threat. The match between India and Pakistan is an important part of the T20 World Cup, which starts on June 1 with a warm-up match between India and Bangladesh.

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