The Duluth Armory will change its leadership model after Executive Director Mark Poirier announces his retirement

The Duluth Armory is changing its leadership model, with longtime executive director Mark Poirier announcing he will retire in 2025

The Duluth Armory Arts and Music Center announced its transition to a Co-Executive Director model when current Executive Director Mark Poirier announced his retirement in 2025 on Wednesday, May 29.e.

The Duluth Armory has tripled its workforce in the past year and a half, and co-executive director Michelle Miller hopes the transition will help staff “divide and conquer” their projects.

“When the staff is so small, there doesn’t need to be a leadership hierarchy; we all work on different components in the same way,” says co-executive director Michelle Miller. “It takes a lot to restore a 100,000-square-foot building. There are multiple pieces to the puzzle.”

The Duluth Armory Arts and Music Center plans to begin full construction of the Armory in early 2025. They hope to open the Duluth Armory Arts and Music Center in the spring and summer of 2026.

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