Tianma will be showing its latest OLEDs and MicroLEDs at Display Week 2024

China-based Tianma had an impressive booth at Display Week 2024, showcasing numerous OLED and microLED displays and prototypes.

For the automotive market, Tianma showed three new display prototypes. First up is a 13-inch sliding OLED, with a built-in touch panel, aimed at car dashboards or central controls.

The second display is a 13-inch ‘dynamic’ OLED, which is a flexible, bendable display that can bend more than 200,000 times. The display has a radius of 200mm and is covered by Corning’s LivingHinge automotive flexible cover glass.

The third car panel is a microLED display, a transparent 8.07-inch octagonal display aimed at digital side mirror applications (to be placed in the vehicle). The display offers a transparency of 55%, brightness of 1,500 nits and a resolution of 608×1204 (167 PPI).

Tianma also showed off other microLED displays, including a small 1.63-inch portable display with 403 PPI and a 7.6-inch panel with 5,000 nits.

Tianma also showed off a small 1.5″ flexible AMOLED display for portable applications, which offers very low power consumption with a variable refresh rate and brightness up to 1,000 nits (HBM). The panel features Tianma’s Touch panel on thin film encapsulation (TPOT) technology.

Tianma also showed off three foldable AMOLED displays. The first is a 7.92″ inward folding screen, with a folding radius of 1.5mm. There was also an outward folding OLED, a 402 PPI screen with an LTPO backplane.

The third foldable display was a 9.94-inch multi-folding display, with a triple G-shaped design. The specific structural design consisted of two inner waterdrop pleats with a fold radius of 2.5 mm and a module thickness of 0.42 mm. This was a tandem stack device to enable high brightness, longevity and efficiency.

TrendForce 2023 Micro LED Market Trend and Technology Cost Analysis

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