Blockchain game has great potential but is not known by the community

Blockchain games such as Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Star Atlas, Decentraland and The Sandbox continue to capture the attention of the blockchain community. Unfortunately, its influence on the mainstream gaming community is still limited.

A recent OnePoll poll shows that blockchain games are still relatively untouched territory, even though there is great potential for game developers and studios to take advantage of.

Of the 2,000 adults surveyed, 52% are not familiar with blockchain games at all, while 32% are aware of them but have never played blockchain games.

When asked about the loss of in-game purchases and downloadable content (DLC) due to the closure of studios and game servers, 63% of respondents stated that refunds should be given for in-game purchases and lost DLCs, as games are permanently closed.

About a third (34%) responded that the decision to close the game server and discontinue online games should be determined by the gaming community involved.

The ongoing online blockchain and metaverse games offer players a way to avoid losing assets in hard-earned games by connecting these items with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

By linking in-game assets to blockchain, players now have the ability to resell in-game items, characters and other digital assets that normally have no resale value.

The nature of the highly centralized gaming industry and the increasing reliance on digitally downloaded or even streaming games leaves players at the mercy of studios and publishers who regularly remove games from online stores and close down online gaming servers.

Furthermore, the current state of the gaming industry offers little opportunity to make money for its players. Even if players can resell assets in their game, can they really generate any real income from their favorite video game?

The answer is usually no, although there are several examples in esports. Platforms like Axie Infinity, an NFT-based blockchain game in which players collect, breed, and battle characters known as Axies, are trying to fill this gap.

In 2021, Axie Infinity will generate revenues of US$1.3 billion (Rp21.1 trillion) and create an important source of income for players in developing countries. Some of them generate up to $1,300 (Rp21.1 million) per month by playing games.

Axie is a case study of how blockchain can leverage strong in-game and player economic assets to unlock value by creating a resale market for in-game items while providing a source of income for players.

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