Epson launches environmentally friendly, compact WorkForce printers

Epson has introduced the Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM-C400 and AM-C550, two new mid-range A4 inkjet printers designed to improve office efficiency and sustainability. These models are designed to optimize office layout without sacrificing productivity.

A recent survey of 1,500 office equipment decision makers and end users by Epson Southeast Asia shows strong demand for sustainable and energy-efficient printers. Half of respondents want more sustainable printers and almost 60% think energy efficiency is crucial. Moreover, 79% prefer compact printers for their workplace.

The AM-C400 and AM-C550 print at speeds of 40 and 55 pages per minute respectively, including duplex mode. These models complement the A3 WorkForce Enterprise AM-C4000 and AM-C5000, which were introduced earlier in 2023. Thanks to their compact footprint, they fit well in small offices and busy environments.

Epson’s Solutions Suite enhances the user experience by offering a range of software and services to improve document security, manage device fleets, reduce costs and streamline workflow processes. The suite includes device management software, print management solutions and document management solutions.

The new printers, powered by Epson’s Heat-Free Technology, print at high speed with up to 85% less energy consumption compared to laser printers. This results in significant savings on electricity bills and reduces the frequency of parts replacement, minimizing waste and maintenance time. The Heat-Free Technology also makes it possible to print directly within seconds of the first print.

The AM-C400 and AM-C550 have an easy-to-use design with a hassle-free front-loading system and a 10.1-inch touchscreen for customizable layouts. Eco-friendly features include an energy consumption monitoring tool and a green leaf icon when duplexing to encourage paper-saving practices.

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