Ex-prosecutor shows why ‘today was a good day for Trump’s prosecutors’

The day Donald Trump’s criminal hush-money cover-up finally went to the jury was also a “good day” for the ex-president’s prosecution, a legal expert said.

Former federal prosecutor Kristy Greenberg explained Wednesday what it could mean that jurors asked to hear certain testimony again as they began weighing charges against Trump. According to Greenberg’s analysis, the jurors appear to be following a script that the prosecutor laid out in his closing arguments.

“Today was a good day for Trump’s prosecutors: the jury asked for the very evidence that ADA Steinglass told them to focus on in his closing, which proves the election law conspiracy,” she said, noting that “Steinglass referred to the August 2015 meeting at Trump Tower as ‘really the prism through which you should analyze the evidence in this case,’ the ‘meeting that hatched the election law conspiracy’ and evidence of Trump’s direct involvement in the election conspiracy .

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She went on to say that “Steinglass said of Pecker’s June 2016 phone call with Trump, ‘with all the evidence and documents in this case, it is easy to lose sight of the significance of this call.'”

“Steinglass argued that this shows Trump knew McDougal, discussed purchasing her story, and Trump brought in Cohen to act on his behalf,” she added.

According to Greenberg, Steinglass also said “that when AMI spent $125,000 to purchase McDougal’s life rights to kill her story at Trump’s request to help his candidacy, it was making a campaign contribution.”

“And Pecker told you exactly that.” ‘Companies are not allowed to donate to candidates. Period,” the legal expert wrote.

Andrew Weissmann, former chief prosecutor on former special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, echoed Greenberg’s analysis, saying it is “exactly correct.”

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