East Sussex: Fire brigade raises £7,000 by recycling clothes

Image source, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

Image caption, East Sussex residents who donated their clothes helped raise more than £7,000

  • Author, Iris Cleak
  • Role, BBC News, South East

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (ESFRS) has thanked the public for helping to raise more than £7,000 for charity by recycling clothes.

The Fire Fighters Charity has generated £956,000 by collecting more than 4,700 tonnes of clothing in the UK in the last 12 months.

The charity, which supports serving and retired firefighters, recently announced the news that King Charles III has accepted patronage.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “You are all helping us raise vital funds for our charity while we keep these clothes out of landfill so they can be reused or recycled.”

‘Fantastic overall’

Donations to the clothing banks, located at various fire stations in East Sussex, were collected by the charity and sorted into wearable and non-wearable categories.

Wearable clothing is resold to be reused often in other countries. Unwearable clothing is used by industry and can end up as car upholstery, for example.

ESFRS highlighted how “members of the public played a huge role” in helping to reach the “fantastic total”.

The charity says it receives £170 per tonne from clothing banks at fire stations.

Doug Marshall, the charity’s ESFRS representative, said the “local support has been fantastic”.

He added: “Well done to all the stations who have been proactive in spreading the message.

“We hope that the upcoming holidays will provide new impetus for people to bring items to their local station’s clothing bank and continue to support those in need.”

Kevin Biles, recycling manager for The Fire Fighters Charity, thanked “all fire stations across the East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service” and members of the public who are supporting the charity “by donating their unwanted clothing”.

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