Zelio Ebikes launches its GRACY series, offering a range of low-speed EV two-wheelers – Asia Pacific

Zelio Ebikes has unveiled its GRACY series, featuring a range of low-speed EV two-wheelers. With prices starting from INR 59,273 to 83,073 ex-showroom, the GRACY series includes GRACYi, GRACY Pro and GRACY+ models.

This announcement follows the recent inauguration of Zelio’s new manufacturing unit at Ladwa, Hisar, Haryana, which has an annual production capacity of 1,50,000 vehicles per year. Tailored for urban riders of all genders, from beginners to seasoned commuters, including college goers, professionals and gig workers, Zelio Ebikes’ latest lineup combines exceptional performance, style, durability and durability.

The GRACYi features a dynamic 60/72V BLDC motor, which provides a smooth and efficient ride. With a total weight of 60 kg and a payload of 150 kg, it offers both stability and agility on the road.

The GRACY Pro features a robust 60/72V BLDC motor, providing exceptional performance and reliability. With a gross weight of 70 kg and a payload of 150 kg, it offers a stable and comfortable ride for city commuting. Equipped with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, safety comes first on every journey.

The GRACY+ comes with a powerful 60/72V BLDC motor, delivering superior acceleration and on-road performance. With a gross weight of 60 kg and a payload of 150 kg, it offers versatility and maneuverability for urban commuting. With disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear, safety is guaranteed at all times.

In addition to these impressive specifications, the new EV scooters from Zelio Ebikes are equipped with an anti-theft alarm, reverse gear, auto repair switch, digital display and generous trunk space. Notably, the LEAD ACID and LI-ION batteries used in the variants are backed by an exceptional 2-year or unlimited mileage warranty on motor, controller and frame. These advanced features make Zelio Ebikes the perfect choice for city commuters looking for reliability, convenience and peace of mind.

Commenting on the launch of the new electric scooters, Kunal Arya, Founder and Managing Director, Zelio Ebikes said, “We are excited to introduce our latest addition to the EV market, where low-speed electric scooters dominate due to their practicality. affordability and environmental benefits. Urban commuters are increasingly looking for cost-effective and sustainable transportation options, and low-speed electric vehicles offer an ideal solution with their easy maneuverability, low maintenance costs and zero emissions.”

“Our GRACY series is the result of rigorous research and development, carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of urban riders. We took into account several factors such as performance, safety, durability and style. Every part of our scooters, from the dynamic BLDC motors to the advanced braking systems, has been carefully selected and tested to ensure the highest quality and reliability. We are confident that our customers will appreciate the superior engineering and thoughtful design of our new scooters,” he added.

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