the minister responsible for business wants to discourage small business owners from voting RN

As Jordan Bardella leads the polls for the European elections on June 9, the Minister responsible for Business, Tourism and Consumption, Olivia Grégoire, goes on the offensive to prevent small business owners from slipping away from the RN vote. at the ballot boxes.



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Olivia Grégoire, Minister of Affairs, during a campaign rally for the European elections, in Boulogne-Billancourt, May 28, 2024. (SERGE TENANI / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

The reserve period prior to the European elections, which has been imposed on the government since Monday, May 27, does not prevent ministers from campaigning with their activist hats. Like the minister delegate in charge of business, tourism and consumptionOlivia Grégoire, who wants to try to discourage small bosses, tempted by the RN bulletin, from voting for Jordan Bardella on June 9. For months, Olivia Grégoire has been going through the program, the media interventions and the votes of the National Rally, all collected in a five-page document called “Booklet against the economic deception of the RN“. This booklet served as the basis for a brochure for Valérie Hayer’s campaign, specifically aimed at traders, craftsmen and small businesses.

Olivia Grégoire makes no bones about it in her book and lists the reasons why “the RN voice is bad for your business“. Jumbled up she points out that the RN says it wants”restore the taste for work“Although he voted against the conditioning of the RSA to 15 hours of activity, he is against the reform of unemployment insurance and the regularization of undocumented immigrants working in tense sectors. She underlines that in Paris the RN “criticizes the competition from European workers, cheaper than French“, while in Brussels, “he abstains from voting on the European minimum wage“. The minister continues to criticize Jordan Bardella for “controlling the company’s margins‘ and to brandish the blunt argument: ‘LFI and RN, same voice, same struggle“.

The Macronists are generally concerned about the progress of the RN in all walks of life and do not underestimate the seduction operation that Jordan Bardella has started in recent months among small bosses, who are torn between the commercial opportunities that Europe represents and have had enough standards. Olivia Grégoire therefore organized a debate on Thursday, May 23, with about a hundred entrepreneurs, who challenged her about energy bills, Chinese competition and standards. The minister plans to repeat the experience next week and also distribute leaflets to traders. “We are losing the world of workalarms one of his government colleagues, because those who work have the impression that the wool is being sheared from their backs“.

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