Two students drown in Kasarsai Dam

As temperatures rise in the state, the number of drowning deaths in the country has increased. In one such incident, two students drowned in the Kasarsai dam near Hinjewadi on Wednesday afternoon.

The deceased has been identified as Murali Krishna Bolla (21), who was currently living in Koregaon Park, and Kunal Dubey (21) of Keshavnagar in Mundhwa.

Their bodies were recovered by rescue teams of the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) and Wanyajeev Rakshak Maval retrieved their bodies from the water of the dam.

The duo went on an outing with their friends and entered the water for a swim, but drowned as they could not gauge the depth of the water.

Two brothers drown in Niphad

In a heartbreaking incident, Prem Gopal Dheple (15) and his younger brother Prateek Gopal Dheple (13) tragically died after drowning in a farmhouse near their home on Nandurdi Road.

According to the information received, Prem and Prateek, sons of Gopal Jairam Dheple, went to the well to start the electric motor. When they did not return after half an hour, the family started looking for them. They found a child’s clothing near the farm, raising concerns that the children had drowned. The family rushed and pulled the two children from the water, but it was too late to save their lives.

Preliminary estimates suggest that Prateek may have first dived into the water after taking off his clothes, but started drowning because he could not swim. When Prem saw that his younger brother was in trouble, he probably intervened to save him. Unfortunately, because neither of them could swim and there was no way to get out of the pond, they both drowned.

Published: Thursday, May 30, 2024 1:10 PM IST

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