Kopparberg works with the Melanoma Fund to encourage sun-safe drinking

With Brits flocking to the parks at the first sign of sunshine, their cider of choice in the summer, Kopparberg is encouraging sun-safe drinking by teaming up with skin cancer charity the Melanoma Fund. Kopparberg’s summer campaign both encourages responsible drinking and reminds consumers to wear sunscreen and protect their skin.

The campaign follows research showing that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting young people in Britain. The incidence of melanoma has risen by almost a third in the UK over the past decade. Koppaberg’s summer campaign paints the picture of a traditional day in the park and reminds the public to be careful as they enjoy their drink in the sun.

‘Drink Responsibly This Summer’, created with the help of Neverland, communicates the joy of summer. A hero film directed by BAFTA-winning Molly Manners at Biscuit Filmworks, who was lead director of the critically acclaimed Netflix series ‘One Day’, depicts a familiar day out with friends in the park.

The film shows friends laughing together, reminiscing and ‘drinking responsibly’ while applying copious amounts of sunscreen to their faces and bodies. The friends laugh while wearing multiple pairs of sunglasses, painting each other with protection and making cheerful moves to keep the sun out. The film is set to CMD/CTRL’s dynamic soundtrack ‘No Stress’, which brings back memories of fun summer days shared with friends.

By focusing on the fun of summer and being playful with sun protection, rather than spreading fear, the campaign highlights that being safe doesn’t mean missing out on summer fun.

The campaign will run across television, outdoor, digital, social and in-store and will feature the Melanoma Fund logo across all their communications. Media for the campaign was planned and bought by Kopparberg’s media agency the7stars, PR activations are led by Here Be Dragons. Social is led by Gorilla and retail and commerce activations are led by long-term Kopparberg partner Quantum.

To take the message beyond creative executions, Kopparberg is working with its network of pub and bar partners to install sunscreen dispensers developed in collaboration with the Melanoma Fund. The charity has also launched a guide with the best tips and advice on being safe in the sun when socializing outdoors.

“At Kopparberg we want people to embrace and enjoy summer in a responsible way. With longer, sunnier days approaching, it’s important to raise awareness about sun protection. “By partnering with the Melanoma Fund, we are helping our consumers understand smart sun safety habits so they can confidently enjoy the warm weather without risking their health.” explains Rob Salvesen, head of marketing at Kopparberg.

By offering consumers ways to enjoy the sun longer and be safe while having fun, the campaign helps the public prepare for the long summer days ahead.

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