Community paramedics help relieve pressure on the healthcare system

Paramedics from across the country are treating patients at home in an effort to prevent emergency rooms from filling up. That also happens in Saskatoon. Medavie Health Services West spokesperson Troy Davies says their paramedics called more than 3,600 patients last year.

He says a combination of increased call volumes and Saskatoon’s growing population has put pressure on doctors and nurses. Therefore, community paramedics are highly valued for their ability to treat people at home, both in rural and urban areas.

“There is a lot of pressure on our doctors and nurses in the Emergency Room. It’s actually crazy. So to have the ability to treat patients at home and have them sign up for that is a whole new way of looking at paramedicine. It’s something that I think will grow across the country.”

Davies says the service means patients in rural areas do not have to be taken to large centers for treatment and can stay in the comfort of their own home.

“Any patients who may be receiving cancer treatment and just need an IV or just need to be monitored, or other patients who need to be treated at home and discharged, can apply for this program.”

Davies says he thinks Medavie Community Paramedics could treat double or even triple what they did last year in the coming years as the industry continues to grow.

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